Week 8, #2 Twitter Chat

It’s my second Twitter chat! I must say I am becoming an expert at these. It is much easier for me to keep up when in the beginning of class I didn’t even know what a Twitter chat was. Today I participated in #sunchat. I really appreciate the fact that a lot of the Twitter chat’s are on Sundays. I also learned about something pretty awesome, a mystery Skype.

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Week 9 Play – Gif

This is my dear dog Oscar. This is his usual question any time I am in the kitchen 🙂


#moresnacksplease #heswellloved

Week 9, #1 My Archive System

Before this class I would constantly use a flash drive to store everything. I have heard from a lot of people that they cannot believe I still use a flash drive. I started thinking about the fact that for this class I have not once had to use a flash drive and everything is conveniently stored on a website somewhere. I also thought about the fact that we did not receive any real handouts in this class and all documents were stored on our classes’s WordPress site that was created. I am very appreciative of the fact that after this class I will have a ton of things archived online and I will easily be able to share them with my classmates, colleagues, and future employers. I have a great blog that shows all of my work, an amazing piece of mediated writing and an online portfolio where everything is compiled. I believe that archiving things this way has made it very easy for me to access all of my work and share it with others. I was not all for doing things digitally when I started this class but I believe that it does make showing off my work much easier. I plan on using some of these tools in the rest of my education as well.

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Week 8 -#2 Twitter Chat

This week I participate in a Twitter Chat! I am incredibly proud of myself because before this class I barely knew how to write a tweet.  I thought for sure that I would get lost navigating the Twitter Chat but it wasn’t that hard. I would say the most difficult part was figuring out how to embed them in this blog post. The chat I participated in was #blogchat and everyone was super friendly! I shared with them that I was new to blogging and they had incredibly nice and encouraging words for me. I think that I enjoy Twitter Chats more than just tweeting random things because you are connecting with people in real time that have the same interests as you. I may become a regular to this chat because I am wanting to continue my blogging and this chat is all about blogging. This was awesome!

#Twitterchat #success



Week 8, #1 My Mediated Writing

I truly enjoyed creating my mediated writing piece. I believe that one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much was because I was able to focus on a topic that is very important to me – access to education for those in prison. I believe that from doing this assignment I gained more of an understanding for my topic. I tried to use photos that captured what I was talking about without always directly relating to what I was actually saying. I believe that from doing this the reader is better able to feel the emotions that go along with such a serious topic. I think that people who would not have originally connected with this topic may look at this piece and have a new understanding. I do not feel that anything was lost although I was forced to summarize my topic very concisely and leave out a lot of information that was included in my original writing. By leaving out a significant amount of information I think that it brought out the points that were actually important. I began to understand my topic more personally. I put myself into the prisoners shoes who were being educated and I really connected with the direct quotes that I was reading from the prisoners in the education programs as well as the educators. I found a great video to include in my piece and I again believe that this video allowed me to connect with the stories of those in prison. I hope that this mediated writing touches those who are reading it and allows them to see that offering education to those in prison is not a lost cause but one that we should be focusing on to create change in society at large:

My Mediated Writing

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Week 7 Play – Snapchat Story

This week I decided to create a Snapchat story. I know that I am not focusing on animal cruelty in this class because I focus on other things that are very important to me such as access to higher education. This Snapchat story had my whole family laughing when we made it but it is a very real thing and I have recently decided to stop buying any products that are not cruelty free. The PETA website is a great source for distinguishing which products are cruelty free.



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